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Pet Supplies
The Bi-Mart Pet Supply Department has a terrific selection of merchandise to meet your pet’s needs including an assortment of pet food, toys, accessories, and health care products.
The Dog and Cat section has both dry and canned foods, treats, dog bones, flea and tick collars, toys, dishes, collars, leashes, cages, beds, litter, houses, taxis, health items, and grooming aids such as electric clippers.
Birds are also a popular pet and Bi-Mart has merchandise sure to please any bird from a parrot to a parakeet. Seeds, treats, feeders, and other accessories are stocked in all Bi-Mart locations.
Aquatic supplies including fish food, aquariums, chemicals, tank accessories, and more are also available at Bi-Mart.
Wild Bird feeding supplies including a wide variety of seeds and seed blends are available as well as a large assortment of seed feeders and hummingbird feeders and nectar. We also have an assortment of seed blends and corn to keep your squirrels happy year round.
A large selection of other assorted pet items are also available, including food and supplies for gerbils and rabbits. At Bi-Mart, you’ll find there is something new offered all the time...just ask any one of our friendly clerks trained in customer satisfaction.
The merchandise we sell is available at each of our conveniently located stores.
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