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Careers In Store Management
Bi-Mart's store managers and assistant managers enjoy a fast paced work environment. Ownership in the company allows all of our employees to share in the success of Bi-Mart. Working at Bi-Mart allows you to keep a great balance between work and life, with regular time off to pursue personal interests, hobbies, and to enjoy friends and family. There are no late nights or 24-hour shifts — we are open until 8pm weekdays, until 6pm weekends.
Bi-Mart boasts competitive wages and a wide array of benefits with a starting salary of $41,000 annually for Assistant Managers, potentially higher with past retail management experience. Bi-Mart has a proud history of promotion within the company. How quickly you advance depends on your performance, initiative, willingness to relocate, and available openings.
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(*Please download and email completed applications to or hand deliver to your local Bi-Mart store. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader  )
Bi-Mart currently has openings for Assistant Store Managers throughout Oregon, Washington and Idaho.
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