As a member of Bi‑Mart store management, you will be responsible for all aspects of store operations. You will direct overall operations, coordinate merchandising, develop store employees to their fullest potential, control expenses and shrinkage, and maintain excellent customer service standards and high team morale.

During your career at Bi‑Mart, you will get to know your district manager, the human resources team, the buyers, and many of the other key employees that play a role in supporting the stores. Through these relationships, you will have direct access to the resources that will help you maximize the success of your store and your career.

Store Management Testimonials

"I have always enjoyed the fast pace of retail, but my two main passions in life are my family and fishing. So when I started a career search, I was looking for a company that would keep me in retail management, yet have a schedule that allowed me to enjoy my outside interests.

My search ended when I found Bi‑Mart. Today I am amazed, Bi‑Mart has been even better than I thought it would be. Like most Bi‑Mart managers, I began my career as an associate manager. I started in Medford, Oregon and a series of promotions took me to Grants Pass and North Bend, Oregon where I was promoted to Store Manager.

One of the things that is most surprising to me about Bi‑Mart, is that I can get on the phone and call the president to ask a question whenever I want to. If I have a question concerning personnel, I know the folks in human resources that can help me. If I have a customer with a special need, I know which buyer to contact. It’s this type of cooperation that has helped me make this store a success" - Steve Hensler, Store Manager

"Having grown up in Bend, Oregon I was familiar with Bi‑Mart because my family shopped there. When it came time to move, there was a Bi‑Mart in the town I moved to so I applied and was hired as a salesclerk. Two years later I entered the Associate Manager program and now I have my own store.

Being a manager for Bi‑Mart has allowed me to have a great career in retail while being able to spend quality time with my children. Where else can you work on a weekend and still be home by 7 pm to have dinner with your family? Besides the best retail hours out there, I like the sense of ownership I get working for an employee-owned company." - Christine Smith, Store Manager

"The Bi‑Mart family has been my home for over 35 years. Bi‑Mart's formula is quite simple; offer outstanding customer service and personal attention to our members, provide low prices every day, and empower employees to make a difference. With these principles, I am proud to work for the best retail organization in the Pacific Northwest and look forward to serving our members each and every day." - Bob Larson, Store Manager

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