Improve your odds of winning merchandise—over $500,000 is up for grabs each week!

We love Lucky Number Tuesday and so do tens-of-thousands of Bi-Mart members. We want all members to be eligible to win, so we’re reminding everyone that you can’t win some of the great prizes on Lucky Number Tuesday if your membership number isn’t in your store’s member number catalog.

Each store keeps a record of all the membership numbers associated with that store. That’s generally the store where you signed up. The winning numbers for each week’s Lucky Number event are randomly drawn from the list at that store and posted in that store only. If you’re shopping at another Bi-Mart, your number won’t be on file—you can only win the smaller ending-number prize—you won’t be able to win larger prizes for matching your full number to the one posted—that’s a shame!

Maybe you moved or you just started shopping at another Bi-Mart that’s more convenient for you. No worries—it’s quick and easy to transfer your membership to your new store and you’ll be eligible right away. And, it’s FREE! Just ask the receptionist at your store.

Lucky Number Tuesday is a great tradition for families that shop Bi-Mart every week.

It’s fun and now easier to win!

  • 80 Numbers at each store pick from four prizes
  • Free to One Number top prize
  • One in Ten chance to grab the ending number prize

We want all our members to be able to make the most of Lucky Number Tuesday... so, we’re asking, “Are You In?” We hope so!

Thank you. We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.