Who is eligible for the Plan?

Only Bi-Mart Members and their dependents are eligible for the Plan.

If I am already a Bi-Mart Member is there an additional fee?

No, if you are already a Bi-Mart Member simply provide your Bi-Mart Pharmacy with your Bi-Mart Membership card and ask to be enrolled in the plan.

What if I am not a Bi-Mart Member?

If you are not a Bi-Mart Member you need to purchase a Bi-Mart Membership. You can purchase a Bi-Mart Membership at your local Bi-Mart store. It’s only $5.00 for a lifetime family membership.

What is the benefit of the plan?

The Plan offers hundreds of generic drugs priced at $3.99 for up to a 30 days supply and $10.99 for up to a 100 day supply. Days supply is based on commonly prescribed dosages.

Are all my prescriptions covered on this plan?

No, not all prescriptions are covered on this plan. Only the drugs listed on the List of Covered Drugs are included on the plan.

What items are covered on the plan?

There are hundreds of generic drugs listed on the plan. Please click here for the plan list. This list may change periodically as items may be deleted or added.

Is this an insurance plan?

No, this is not an insurance plan.

Can I combine the Plan and my own insurance for drugs that are on the plan?

No. For drugs that are listed on the plan Bi-Mart Members need to choose to either have the prescription filled under the BMA Plan or have their prescription filled under their own prescription insurance plan. For drugs not included on the plan you can choose to either purchase your prescriptions by using your prescription insurance or other third party payer and paying the applicable cost-sharing or co-pay amount or by paying the regular everyday low price for that item.

If I have my prescription filled through the BMA Plan will that apply to my prescription insurance deductible?

Bi-Mart Members should consult with their prescription insurance plan to determine is their purchases through the BMA Plan would count towards their deductible. Savings under the BMA plan will not be used to discount or waive any co-pay, coinsurance, or deductible amounts.