Safe, Clean and Comfortable

Bi-Mart is a safe, clean, comfortable place to shop that’s not too big and not too small... it’s just right for many reasons. Yes, we’ve always offered name brand quality at real values every day, but right now, value can mean so much more than just saving money. Health and safety are important to us and our stores are actually helping us take better care of you and your family.

At an average size of 30,000 square feet and a similar layout from store-to-store, shopping with us is more efficient. And, with 50,000 products in 12 departments, you’ll often find just what you need in one quick stop. That means less social exposure overall versus the shopping experience in larger stores. In fact, the customer count per square foot in our stores is much lower than big-box stores—making your shopping faster and safer.

With safer and more efficient shopping, easy parking and real values every day, you don’t need to shop at a store that’s crowded—you’ll find healthy savings at Bi-Mart.

65 Years Strong. Basically, Some Things Don’t Change... They Just Get Better with Age.

For all of us at Bi-Mart, our mission is to carry on the tradition of who we are and do what we do every day. Our stores were created to help people and save them money—that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re not getting back to basics, we’ve been basically Bi-Mart for the last 65 years. We’re committed to doing all we can for our members and our communities. We’ve spent our history delivering on our promise to save you money and be there when you need us.

We’re celebrating 65 years in the Northwest and we promise to remain the same—here to serve you, every day. Our doors are open Monday–Friday, 9am–8pm, and Saturday–Sunday, 9am–6pm.

Getting Product on Our Shelves

Every day, we are working to re-order and and re-stock our shelves as quickly as possible. Products are arriving daily at our distribution center—we prioritize key items that come in and get them out to our stores as-soon-as-possible for you. Thank you for your patience.

We heart 6' Apart.

Social distancing is making a difference and we support it. Please stay 6' apart when shopping and support a healthy community.

Thank you!