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Bi-Mart randomly selects membership numbers from each of our stores every Tuesday*. If your membership card number matches the posted number, you will win one of the $900,000 worth of prizes given away every year!

Win It or Buy It

Not a match? Not a problem! You can purchase these items at a special discount, this Tuesday only!

DISCLAIMER: Items are subject to change without notice. Our goal is to always award the items we advertise, however, due to availability or circumstances beyond our control we may have to offer a substitute product. Prizes must be claimed on their winning Tuesday. Thank you for your understanding, and for playing Lucky Number Tuesday!

*NOTE: Your number will be posted at the original store you purchased your membership. If you have moved, you need to get a new membership card at the store you currently shop. There is no additional charge to do this.

Prizes for Tuesday, December 10

1 Winning Number per Store
$250 Bi-Mart Gift Card

$250 Bi-Mart Gift Card

80 Winning Numbers per Store
$100 Bi-Mart Gift Card

$100 Bi-Mart Gift Card

Thousands will Win
Lil Dutch Maid Assorted Creme Cookies

Assorted flavors Lil’ Dutch Maid Cookies, choose one
Buy it this Tuesday ONLY for $1.99

Lil Dutch Maid Duplex Creme Cookies
Lil Dutch Maid Vanilla Creme Cookies