65 Years and Growing in the Northwest!

Bi-Mart is celebrating its 65th year in the Northwest. In many ways, we started preparing for the future when we opened our first store 65 years ago. The foundation of our business has always been to focus on our members by providing great values, name-brand quality merchandise and outstanding service. We’ve succeeded and grown by helping members save their hard-earned dollars every day. And, they appreciate it.

“We LOVE Bi-Mart, every employee and manager has always been super friendly & helpful.”
—Didi B

Where Did It All Start?

Bi-Mart was founded over a cup of coffee by a group who felt that the average working person deserved a better value for their money. At that time, Fair Trade laws stated that merchandise had to be sold at or above the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. How could we follow the law and still give customers a better value? A membership concept was the answer. By becoming members of Bi-Mart, customers could purchase merchandise at a discounted price. While the laws have changed since then, our membership approach has become part of our culture and our members carry their Bi-Mart cards with pride.

In 1955, we opened our first store in Yakima, Washington, in the garage of one of the original founders. Open only a few hours a week at first, business continued to grow until the store moved to its present location on 5th Avenue. By 1962, Bi-Mart had opened its second store at 18th & Chambers in Eugene, Oregon and shortly thereafter moved the corporate office and distribution center to Eugene as well. Eugene continues to serve as our headquarters today.

Since that time, we’ve steadily opened stores throughout Oregon, Washington and Idaho. For a complete list of stores and when they opened, go to

“One of my favorite stores. Very Friendly and helpful staff!”
—Michelle H

Who Are We?

We’re homegrown and a pioneer of membership, discount shopping in the Northwest. Our stores offer maximum savings and selection on the things you need and use every day. We’re a friendly, comfortable place to shop that’s not too big and not too small. With easy parking and low, everyday prices, you don’t need to shop at a huge store that’s crowded or expensive. And you don’t need to buy a 6-month supply to enjoy the savings. We keep our stores simple, which helps bring down costs. Bi-Mart members can save money and easily find what they’re looking for, because our floor plans are similar from store-to-store; no matter where they shop, members feel at home.

Each Bi-Mart is stocked with over 40,000 items that are specially chosen for our Northwest lifestyles and pocketbooks. We take a “deep discount” approach to merchandising brand name goods and offer a wide selection of top-quality items at Everyday Low Bi-Mart (ELB) values. Each store has a variety of departments to serve our members, including Automotive, Hardware, Housewares, Sporting Goods, Lawn & Garden, Camping & Outdoors, Toys, Food & Snacks, Clothing & Shoes, Outdoor Patio & BBQ, Photo & Electronics, Beverages/ Beer & Wine, Health & Beauty Aids, and Seasonal. In addition, each store has a selection of goods tailored to the Northwest and even to their specific location. As members get ready for their day—whatever it holds—they can count on us for what they need.

Being a membership store means that our customers “join” Bi-Mart or are a guest of a member shopping with us. That being said, everyone is welcome at Bi-Mart and we encourage new shoppers to stop in and try us out if they want to know more before joining. A nominal one-time fee (still just $5!) buys a lifetime membership card and covers all family members living at home. Often, the savings of shopping with us that very first time more than covers the cost of membership.

“Awesome local store. Lower prices than the bigger chains.”
—Christa W

Employee/Owners—Here to Serve You.

As a regional retailer owned by its employees since 2004, Bi-Mart is unique. Our growth and success are due to the dedicated efforts of our employee/owners and the relationship we’ve created with our members over the last 65 years. Our employee/owners make a difference in helping to keep costs down by working efficiently and safely, and we make a difference to our members by our commitment to service. Members often remark how the exceptional service they received in our stores has made their day and has helped them with their shopping experience. We have a loyal membership because they find their local store fits their needs, offers great value and has the kind of environment and friendly employees that make them feel comfortable.

Bi-Mart employee/owners participate in extensive customer service training. They pride themselves on their product knowledge and do their best to give advice and suggestions to shoppers. Bi-Mart offers employee training and advancement opportunity, as well as the flexibility to work while attending school. We employ people of all ages in both part- and full-time jobs, serving employees who need to provide a supplemental income to their families as well as those who are their household’s primary providers.

In addition, Bi-Mart employees are very active in their communities. We have people serving as local team coaches, volunteering with United Way in their fund-drive; supporting area churches, involved in scout troops, and other local charities. They donate their time, money, and enthusiasm to their children’s schools, teams, and clubs. All in all, Bi-Mart employees are a group of proud and engaged citizens.

A Community Partner

Being Northwest grown, we’re proud of our history and the fact that the money spent here in our stores stays here in the area. It’s just one part our commitment to the communities we serve. Bi-Mart contributes to each local economy in numerous ways. To name a few, we are a local business owner and employer, we consume and purchase locally, and we are supporters of local charitable organizations.

Bi-Mart encourages individuals to volunteer on their own. Many of our employee/owners are involved in a wide variety of local events, programs and charities. Last year alone, over 90% of Bi-Mart employee/owners participated in supporting the United Way—contributing more than $650,000! As a community member, we also sponsor schools, athletics, educational seminars, music & arts programs, safety & health awareness, and much more. Altogether, Bi-Mart Corporation and our employee/owners give back over $1,000,000 each year throughout the Northwest!

“Always receive amazing customer service and we consistently find great deals!”
—Journey G

Making a Difference for 65 Years.

65 years in business is an accomplishment, but we’re not done by any means! Our commitment is to continue being one of the best choices the Northwest has for shopping and saving.

See What We Have in Store for You!